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Complete Energy Independence provided by Energy Solutions Providers of Queen Creek, San Tan Valley using Solar with Battery

When backup batteries are used in conjunction with a low-cost, an energy-efficient solar panel photovoltaic system, a solar battery provides several important financial benefits.

During daylight hours solar panels collect solar power energy which is converted by a solar inverter into AC electrical current to be used in the normal way. During the night, the electricity supply can then be taken from stored renewable energy in your batteries, saving you the high priced peak power costs.

With an affordable solar battery back-up system you can easily store your valuable, excess daytime solar energy. This gives you the choice of feeding it back into the power grid to provide a credit on your electricity bill, or keep it for your own use during peak energy hours to save about 90% on your utility bill.

1 Grid-Tied Solar plus Battery-Backup1 Solar Panels

Solar panels, or solar modules are usually installed on the roof. These solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power.

2 Charge Controller

Diverts solar power to our battery backup bank installed usually in your garage or outside of your home. A charge controller is a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most “12 volt” panels put out about 16 to 20 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged from overcharging. Most batteries need around 14 to 14.5 volts to get fully charged.

3 Battery Backup

Excess solar power is stored in your battery backup system to be used at night, when rates are higher or in case of a power outage your battery backup system gives you unstoppable power 24/7.

4 Inverter

The DC power from the solar panels is sent to an inverter, where it is converted into alternating current (AC) power, or standard electrical current used by your home. Your inverter in a battery backup system will draw power from your batteries when the power grid is down or for higher priced night-time utility rate periods.

5 Meter

AC power travels from the inverter to the electrical panel, many times called a breaker box. This power is now ready to use in your home.

6 Utility Grid

Your home remains connected to the utility grid to supply and excess power can be net-metered or sent to your battery backup system.
Incredibly Responsive
Energy Solution Providers has been dedicated to solar and wind energy for more than a decade in Arizona designing state-of-the-art solar systems that are affordable, dependable, and attractive. Unlike the old, bulky panels you may be familiar with, our products complement the architectural design of your home while providing an environmentally friendly power source you can depend on. We provide home solar energy installations that not only look beautiful, but slice the cost of your utility bill each month.
Superior Installations
Energy Solution Providers has excelled to become one of most trusted solar company in the Arizona market by focusing on quality design and engineering, installation, and state-of-the-art products. Our team of solar field technicians, engineers, and installers work diligently to ensure your solar power system will meet the highest performance and reliability standards throughout your system’s lifetime.
Beauty and Performance
Renewable energy for your home just makes good sense; for your budget, energy future, energy security, and you are helping the environment. Although some tax incentives have gone away there still many robust programs in place making this a great time to invest in your family’s energy future. We have listed links below to some of the most important renewable energy tax incentives and rebates, from the federal government, state government, and your local utility companies.
Superior Products
Energy Solution Providers installs the most state-of-the-art solar panels available today in Arizona. We use Black Diamond Solar Panels exclusively for our residential solar installations. We chose Black Diamond Solar Panels after years of experience in engineering, electrical contracting, and solar installations.
Now is the time to save money on your solar installation, call us today for a FREE home energy evaluation and see how much you can save! 

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The Town of Queen Creek's mission statement and strategic plan to the community's history and future, find out everything that makes Queen Creek unique. Click on the drop-down menu or the left navigation to learn all about Queen Creek.
Chamber of Commerce
The Queen Creek Chamber was formed in 2002 to promote, develop and retain area businesses that will enhance economic development and further the goals of the community. It is through our strong 220 member businesses that this Chamber plays an increasing role in the development of our Town. We invite you to consider investing in the success of your business and our community by belonging to the Chamber.
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Our goal, as a district, is to provide a quality education with the belief that all children can learn. We are proud of the comprehensive pre-k through 12th grade academic programs we offer to meet the needs for all of our students. We have quality programs in regular education, gifted, special education, and early childhood, as well as career and technical, and alternative high school services.
Queen Creek Wikipedia
The Town of Queen Creek is primarily within Maricopa County, but the Town Limits also extend into Pinal County on the eastern and southern borders. Even further to the east and south of QC Town Limits in Pinal County is the large (est. 87,000 population in 2015) unincorporated community of San Tan Valley.
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